We created this site because it’s the kind of site we’d want to have but haven’t found before.

It’s not unique, mind you, but it’s the one we want to have.

Of course we talk about diets and fitness but we also talk about life issues, stress, weight training, goals, religion, philosophy, and even some occasional current events.

We are a small (but growing) team of weight loss enthusiasts with a common goal: be honest with yourself. That takes many forms for each of us as we explore this weight loss phenomena.

There are many ways to reach the same weight goals and we want to explore many of those ways.

Join us.

Talk with us.

Let’s explore together.

We are Abe, Tina, Harmony, and Sara, and we’re here to help you on your dieting journey. We come from all parts of the United States but we have a passion for one thing on this blog: lose that weight

It’s not easy, but it is worth it. Keep at it. Stick with one method for six months.

Let us know your thoughts on the matter.