Are Seashells Vegan?

Are seashells vegan

If you are interested in shell collecting, you are bound to have questions about its ecological and aesthetic merits. The best way to answer this is to get to know your fellow conchs. Some of them are lucky enough to be living under the sea weed while others have had to fight the good fight to survive. Luckily for the humans in the water, they have been known to give a few lucky specimens a second chance at life.

There is a lot more to the sea shell than meets the eye. For example, there is a thriving marine worm population which uses the stuff to create protective tubes. It is also home to many interesting characters including the octopus and a number of docile creatures in the tamer perch family. They are great company to be around. In fact, many have been tamed by a human being.

While there aren’t many winners in the grand prize, there are plenty of worthy contenders. Having a few in your possession at any given time can lead to a happy and healthy environment for you and your kin. A good scouting crew will have no problem finding them. With that said, here are some tips and tricks to keep your sea shell huntings on the right foot. Hopefully you’ll come away with a few seashells to remember. You may even find yourself with the newest member of the family. Best of luck!