What Do Vitamins Do For You?

What Do Vitamins Do For You? Having a high intake of vitamins is vital to the health of your body, and there are many benefits to taking vitamins. Vitamins help your body to fight off infections, and they also help your body to convert carbohydrates into energy. They also help to prevent damage to your … Read more

Can You Have Wine on Paleo?

Can You Have Wine on Paleo? Whether you are Paleo or not, wine is a great drink that can be enjoyed. However, it’s important to know what wine is good for you and what wine is bad for you, because wine can contain hidden sugars and toxins. Red wine Whether you are following a paleo … Read more

Containers For 21 Day Fix

Containers For 21 Day Fix During the 21 day fix, you’ll need to fill several color-coded containers with your food. This will help you keep track of your diet. You’ll also need a food list and worksheets to follow. Food list Having a good 21 day fix food list helps you figure out what to … Read more

Are Apples Detoxifying?

Are Apples Detoxifying? Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply want to look and feel your best, there are a number of health benefits to eating apples. For one thing, apples contain a high amount of pectin, which is a natural fiber that helps detoxify your body. They also contain high levels of … Read more

Is Ginger a Blood Thinner?

Is Ginger a Blood Thinner? Despite the fact that it is not a natural blood thinner, there are certain foods that you can eat that will reduce the risk of blood clots. Some of these foods include garlic, grapes, and turmeric. These foods contain vitamin E, which helps to prevent platelet clumping. Garlic Adding garlic … Read more

Can You Eat Eggs on Paleo?

Can You Eat Eggs on Paleo? Those who follow the paleo diet have often asked the question, “Can I eat eggs on paleo?” We all love our eggs and we want to eat them without a problem. However, there are several important questions that need to be answered before deciding whether or not to eat … Read more

Is the Beverly Hills Diet Safe?

Is the Beverly Hills Diet Safe? Whether you are going to use the Beverly Hills diet, or any other diet plan, you should always make sure you do so with the approval of your physician. In fact, a physician should be involved throughout the entire process. Food combining theory Whether you’re interested in losing weight … Read more

How Did Kylie Jenner Lose Weight?

How Did Kylie Jenner Lose Weight? Getting in shape can be a challenge, especially when you want to look your best for your next event. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain it, finding a way to get started can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you get started on a fitness … Read more