Can I Eat Rice on Paleo?

Can I eat rice on paleo

The Paleo diet is not just about eliminating grains, but also about eating foods that are the richest sources of nutrients. Grains are a source of carbohydrates, but they are also packed with anti-nutrients and gut irritants. These substances are not good for your health.

While it is okay to eat rice on a paleo diet, it is not recommended. Some people do better with rice, and others may have a hard time digesting other forms of carbs. So it’s important to listen to your body and understand what you’re doing when you eat.

There are safe starches, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, and plantains. In fact, some Paleo-approved flours can be found in the inner aisles of grocery stores.

Those who follow a strict paleo diet should not include white rice. White rice is almost pure starch and does not carry Phytic Acid, which can bind vitamins and minerals to the bran. However, the outer layer of brown rice contains the majority of vitamins and minerals.

Brown rice is the better choice. It is also lower in calories and has all eight essential amino acids. When it is sprouted, it also has a protective hull that shields the digestive tract.

Cauliflower rice is another option. This veggie has a similar texture to rice, and it is rich in fiber and protein. Aside from being Paleo, it is very easy to prepare.

Although you might have heard that quinoa is a paleo-friendly grain, it is not. Quinoa is a seed, and it is not a true vegetable.