Can You Be Plant-Based and Still Eat Meat?

Can you be plantbased and still eat meat

If you’re interested in being plant-based, but don’t think it’s possible, you’re not alone. The American Heart Association recommends eating a diet of mostly plant-based foods.

Getting used to a new diet can be challenging. You may start off by adding a few more vegetables to your plate. But it’s important to remember that it’s a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix. You will have to continue to eat a variety of foods to get the nutrients you need.

Some of the main benefits of a plant-based diet include lower cholesterol and a reduction in diabetes. You can also reduce your risk of cancer.

If you’re concerned about balancing your plate, you can try replacing meat with a vegetarian option. There are many delicious vegan and vegetarian meals out there. For example, lentil tacos can be stuffed into corn or flour tortillas.

It’s a good idea to consult with a dietitian before making changes. They can provide you with suggestions for fortified foods and supplements. You’ll want to limit your intake of sugar and sodium.

If you’re unsure how to switch to a plant-based diet, you might consider starting with a small quantity of beans. You should aim to eat at least one cup of beans a day.

If you’re trying a new recipe, you can always ask for a substitution. Your server will also be able to help you plan your meals.

You can get a wide range of vitamins and minerals from a well-planned plant-based diet. The key is to avoid the excess of saturated fat. You can also boost your vitamin D from sunlight.