Can You Drink Almond Milk on Paleo Diet?

Can you drink almond milk on paleo diet

If you’re on the Paleo diet, you may have wondered if almond milk is okay to drink. There is a lot of controversy surrounding dairy in the Paleo community. Some people ban dairy altogether, while others rely on dairy substitutes. It all depends on your personal ethics.

If you are concerned about the additives in store-bought almond milk, the best way to go is to make it yourself. Fortunately, making your own is a fairly simple process.

To make your own, you’ll need a blender, cheesecloth, and a mesh nut bag. You’ll also need water and organic raw almonds.

Soaking the almonds first is a good idea. This helps remove the skins. You’ll need about 8-12 hours of soaking. You can then blend the almonds, then strain the liquid into a bowl.

Then, you can sweeten the almond milk. You can use honey or maple syrup. You should avoid sweetening the milk with artificial sweeteners.

You can also try adding cocoa to the milk. This will give you chocolate almond milk. But be sure to read the label carefully. Many brands of chocolate almond milk contain a lot of processed sugars.

If you’re on a dairy-free diet, you can use coconut or cashew milk instead. Both of these are very similar to almond milk. They have a nutty flavor, and you can add them to cereal or desserts.

You can also make your own ice cream. You can also buy a Paleo-friendly ice cream mix. But, you’ll need to read the labels of all of the ingredients to be sure that it’s truly Paleo.