Can You Drink Coffee on a Paleo Diet?

Can you drink coffee on a Paleo diet

Despite its popularity, some paleo diets do not permit coffee. This is because coffee is not a true paleo food. It is not made from fermented foods, and it has refined sugar.

A lot of nutritionists are torn on the benefits of drinking coffee. Some say it helps develop a better mood and mindset. It can help you get a jumpstart in the morning. Others claim that too much caffeine can leave you feeling jittery and upset. However, studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation can increase your blood flow.

While the paleo diet does not prohibit caffeine, many paleo dieters choose to drink a decaf version of the beverage. Several paleo-friendly creamers are also available. They include coconut oil, almond milk, and butter. These can be added to your favorite cup of joe.

Adding dairy to your java is not a great idea, though. Dairy can cause health problems. It can also aggravate your digestion. Those who have autoimmune disorders should avoid caffeine. The adrenals and other organs in your body can be stressed by caffeine. They may take longer to recover.

Those who prefer to have caffeine-free tea can enjoy a variety of herbal teas. You can also drink soda water, mineral waters, and sparkling waters. The key is to keep the ingredients free of processed food and sweeteners.

Some Paleo dieters opt to replace the creamer with a simple sugar substitute. Maple syrup, hazelnut spread, and walnut spread are all 1-for-1 substitutes. You can also use stevia to sweeten your drinks.