Can You Drink Coffee on the 21 Day Fix?

Can you drink coffee on the 21 day fix

Probably one of the questions on most people’s minds is, “Can you drink coffee on the 21 day fix?” The answer to this question depends on your diet plan. If you are following a healthy diet, then coffee is recommended, as it is low in calories and contains calcium. However, if you are trying to lose weight, then you should stick with water.

In addition to water, a good diet plan also recommends three glasses of milk per day. It is important to drink milk, as it contains protein and calcium. You can also use almond or coconut milk. It is a great source of muscle building proteins, and can be consumed several times a week.

The 21 Day Fix also allows you to drink wine and tea. You are allowed to drink one to two teaspoons of sweetener in your coffee. You can also add a little cinnamon to your coffee. If you want to add more sweetness, then you can use stevia or coffee creamer.

There are also a number of free foods to enjoy, including herbs, spices, and seasonings. You can use your Shakeology in place of milk. You can also mix your popcorn with herbs and spices. If you don’t add any oil, it is a healthy snack.

The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan uses color-coded containers. This makes it easy to track your food intake. You can store your container in the refrigerator. You will need to measure out your portions before beginning the program.