Can You Eat Pasta on a Plant-Based Diet?

Can you eat pasta on plantbased diet

Adding pasta to your plant-based diet can be a great way to increase your intake of fiber, carbohydrates, and protein. However, you’ll need to watch your sodium and fat intake. If you are planning to add pasta to your diet, make sure to choose low-sodium varieties and stay away from oily sauces.

Whole-grain pasta can be an excellent source of fiber. The fiber can help you feel full while providing essential nutrients.

Choosing whole-grain noodles also reduces your risk for age-related illnesses. But, if you want a lower-carb option, you might want to consider beans instead. They offer up half the carbs of grain-based pasta while satisfying your taste buds.

Among the best types of plant-based pasta are those made from lentils and chickpeas. Both contain high levels of protein and fiber. These options are easy to prepare and will fill you up without sending your blood sugar skyrocketing.

When shopping, look for products that are organic whenever possible. You can make healthy pasta dishes by adding vegetables and spices. Some brands even fortify their pastas to compensate for the lack of nutrients.

You can also incorporate meat analogues into your pasta dishes. If you’re craving a pasta dish but aren’t willing to give up your favorite comfort foods, look for a plant-based alternative that you can cook up in just a few minutes.

Some nontraditional pastas are also very nutritious. These are available in many different flavors and are made with a variety of healthful ingredients.