Is Coffee a Keto-Friendly Drink?

There we go! Now we’re talking about fun questions to answer. Let’s get started. First, though, let me go grab a cuppa!

In the same way that natural sweeteners are allowed in this low-carb/high-fat diet, there are hundreds of keto-friendly coffee recipes that you can make yourself on the morning. Even better, you can make your coffee work for the keto diet by adding a high-fat blend such as heavy cream, full-fat milk, coconut oil, or butter. As long as you avoid adding sugar, your morning cup of joe can be part of your keto diet.

If you are following the keto diet, you cannot sweeten coffee with sugar. While it is possible to have coffee while following a keto diet, it might be worth to adjust intake depending on need and tolerance. Fortunately for everyone, while a keto diet can feel restrictive, you do not have to forgo coffee in order to get your daily caffeine fix.

Knowing you can still start the day off right with a fresh brewed cup of coffee definitely makes a keto diet seem more sustainable. Another benefit to a ketogenic diet in regards to coffee is that you still can get your sugar fix, be it in the mornings before you start work, or in order to push you through that mid-afternoon crash back to work.

This way, you are getting the health benefits of coffee without the compromises of the keto diet. This is because you get all of the benefits of coffee, like described above, without the added sugars or cream. Fortunately, coffee has myriad health benefits, plus it contains zero calories and zero carbohydrates.

An 8-ounce cup of unadulterated coffee is under five calories, a nice perk for anyone counting calories. In addition to being keto, coffee is also calorie-free per cup, so this is great for anyone that still wants to reap the benefits while not breaking a fast while on intermittent fasting.

To make keto-friendly flavored coffee, you will need to make sure to use sugar-free syrups, as sugary varieties contain far too many carbohydrates for keto compliance. You can also add some Stevia or Monk Fruit Sweetener to make keto sweet coffee. You can also add a bit of healthy fat, such as MCT oil or keto coffee creamer (or both) to make your coffee keto-friendly and keto-friendly.

In many ways, coffee on keto is a match made in diet heaven — if you have it black, or make it as a keto coffee with low-carb keto fats like butter, MCTs, and cream. Black coffee contains zero carbohydrates, making it an ideal drink to consume on keto, provided that you are not drinking so much that you experience excessive caffeine side effects, such as jitters. A cup of keto coffee is a perfect beverage to enjoy first thing in the morning for any coffee-loving person who is following a low-carb diet.

Just because you cannot put sugar into your morning coffee on this low-carb/high-fat diet, does not mean that coffee has to taste bitter. Sugar is the sweetest form of carbohydrates, which is why you will want to avoid adding white sugar, honey, agave, or maple syrup to a cup of keto coffee. You can get plain black coffee, add a little heavy cream or unsweetened almond milk, or use a lower-carb sweetener. Fortunately, coffee is 100% keto-friendly, with zero grams of carbs (net or otherwise).

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